Author = El-Ghamry, Ayman
The Living Cells and Elemental Synthesis: New Insights

Volume 5, Issue 2021, 2021, Pages 41-57

Ayman El-Ghamry; Noura El-Naggar; Ahmed Ali Mosa; Ayman El-Khateeb; El-Metwally Selim; Haroun aboushama; Ahmed Mahmoud Elsawah; Hassan El-Ramady

Bio-Nano Fertilizers Preparation Using a Fully-Automated Apparatus: A Case Study of Nano-Selenium

Volume 5, Issue 2021, 2021, Pages 171-183

Ayman El-Ghamry; Ayman El-Khateeb; Ahmed Ali Mosa; Hassan El-Ramady

Chemically Modified Biochar Derived from Cotton Stalks: Characterization and Assessing Its Potential for Heavy Metals Removal from Wastewater

Volume 1, Issue 2017, 2017, Pages 33-45

Ahmed Ali Mosa; Ayman El-Ghamry; Hassan Al-Zahrani; El-Metwally Selim; Ayman El-Khateeb