Author = Shaymaa Shedeed
Biofortification of Vegetables under Stress Conditions Using Biological Nano-Selenium: A Mini-Review

Volume 7, Issue 2023, 2023, Pages 23-35

Hassan El-Ramady; Shaymaa Shedeed; Zakaria Fouad Abdalla; Abd El- Mohsin El-Bassiony; Sameh El-Sawy; Sami Mahmoud; Jozsef Prokisch

Smart Fertilizers vs. Nano-fertilizers: A Pictorial Overview

Volume 6, Issue 2022, 2022, Pages 191-204

Zakaria Fouad Abdalla; Sameh El-Sawy; Abd El- Mohsin El-Bassiony; He Jun; Shaymaa Shedeed; Abdelaziz M. Okasha; Yousry Bayoumi; Hassan El-Ramady; Jozsef Prokisch

Protected Farming in the Era of Climate-Smart Agriculture: A Photographic Overview

Volume 6, Issue 2022, 2022, Pages 237-259

Zakaria Fouad Abdalla; Yousry Bayoumi; Abd El- Mohsin El-Bassiony; Shaymaa Shedeed; Tarek Shalaby; Mohamed Elmahrouk; Jozsef Prokisch; Hassan Ragab El-Ramady