Applications and Challenges of Smart Farming for Developing Sustainable Agriculture

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1 Vegetable crops Department , Agriculture and Biological Division- National Research Centre

2 Soil and Water Dept., Kafrelsheikh Uni.


Agriculture is the backbone of any nation, which supplies with the needed foods, feeds, fiber and fuel. The crucial sector has become more flexible and advanced due to the enormous progress in the bioinformatics, which penetrates all fields in our life. Smart agriculture is an important page in the history of global agriculture, which already used several advanced technologies during different agricultural practices starting from the pre-cultivation, cultivation, seedling, fertilization, weed detection, irrigation, spraying pesticides, till harvesting and also pot-harvest. Many sectors have been involved in smart farming like smart irrigation, and all precision farming practices for improving and management of the agriculture especially in the developing countries, which need more supporting from their governments even at the private sector and the small farms level. This short communication is a call for submitting articles on smart farming and its applications in different agricultural practices including irrigation, fertilization, and etc. Due to smart agriculture mainly depends on the bioinformatics, this technology has several open questions particularly their applications, models, and security, which need further investigations.


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