Aims and Scope

Environment, Biodiversity & Soil Security (EBSS) publishes original, scientifically challenging research articles of international significance that describe and explain environmental and biological processes occurring in soils. These include the possible applications of such knowledge to issues of soil and environmental quality including different studies in understanding of the soil biology roles and biochemistry in mediating soil functions and agricultural sustainability as well as ecosystem services. The eco- and bio-chemical processes of soil organisms, their effects on the environment and their interactions with plants are major topics. The applications of new nanomaterials as well as molecular, microscopic and analytical techniques to understanding and explaining soil biodiversity and community dynamics is of great interest.


Scope of the journal:

Scope of this journal wide and embraces accounts of recent original research on any aspect of the biology and biochemistry of soils as well as soil security. Some of the subjects that are receiving increasing attention are:

  • Soil microbial and faunal ecology as well as soil enzyme activity
  • Soil microbial communities and their association with plant roots
  • Global changes on soil biodiversity and ecosystem functioning
  • Fate and effects of pollutants on soil biodiversity and its security
  • Effects of nanomaterials on the agroecosystem and public health
  • Novel molecular approaches to explore soil community dynamics
  • Carbon storage and soil organic matter dynamics
  • Biotechnology and its biological soil functions
  • Air, soil, and water pollutants and health
  • Environmental chemistry, microbiology and nanotechnology
  • Green chemistry, environmentally friendly synthetic pathways and alternative fuels
  • Water and wastewater management
  • Interfacial studies involving media such as soil, sediment, water, air, organism and food
  • Precision farming and soil biology
  • Environmental Extension and Agricultural Economics
  • Plant Ecophysiology and Crop Production