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Environment, Biodiversity & Soil Security (EBSS)

The Environment, Biodiversity & Soil Security (EBSS) journal is international, free access,  peer-reviewed scientific journal dedicated to publishing outstanding research on all aspects of soil biology and security as well as the environmental sciences. It includes different fields of soil biodiversity, soil biological organisms, biochemical properties of soil organic matter, biogeochemical processes of the elements and below-ground plant-microbe interactions as well as different interactions among soil, plants and microbes. Original research articles, critical reviews, highlights and perspectives of high quality can be published both in print and online.

Current Issue: Volume 7, Issue 2023, 2023 

Biofortification of Vegetables under Stress Conditions Using Biological Nano-Selenium: A Mini-Review

Pages 23-35

Hassan El-Ramady; Shaymaa Shedeed; Zakaria Fouad Abdalla; Abd El- Mohsin El-Bassiony; Sameh El-Sawy; Sami Mahmoud; Jozsef Prokisch

Nano-Enabled Agriculture Using Nano-Selenium for Crop Productivity: What Should be Addressed More?

Pages 85-99

Daniella Sári; Aya Ferroudj; Arjun Muthu; Jozsef Prokisch; Hassan El-Ramady; Tamer Abdallah Elsakhawy; Alaa El-Dein Omara; Eric Brevik

Mushroom Cultivation Systems: Exploring Antimicrobial and Prebiotic Benefits

Pages 101-120

Xhensila Llanaj; Gréta Törős; Peter Hajdu; Hassan El-Ramady; Ferenc Peles; Jozsef Prokisch

Impact of fall armyworm Spodoptera frugiperda on maize yield and economic assessment of losses under different insecticidal sequences

Pages 133-140

Ragab Sebaita Kandil; mohsena R.K. mansour; Fatma Mohamed Ahmed Abdelrahem; Noha Abd Elgawad Dabour

Implications of P and Se Interactions on Maize Growth

Pages 141-148

Reham Saad; Ihab M. Farid; Omar Mohamed; mohamed Bassouny

Impacts of P inputs on availability of Fe, Mn, Zn and Se in soils

Pages 179-192

Ihab Farid; Omar El-Hussieny; Reham S El-Shinawy; Hassan Abbas; Mohamed H.H. Abbas; mohamed Bassouny

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