Nanoparticles: A Novel Approach for Sustainable Agro-productivity

Document Type : Review


1 Agriculture Microbiology Dept., Soil, Water and Environment Research Institute (SWERI), Sakha Agricultural Research Station, Agriculture Research Center (ARC), Egypt

2 Soil and Water Dept., Kafrelsheikh Uni.

3 Soil and Water Dept., Faculty of Agriculture, Kafrelsheikh Univ, Egypt.

4 Agricultural Botanics, Plant Physiology and Biotechnology Department, University of Debrecen, AGTC Böszörményi u. 138, 4032 Debrecen, Hungary

5 Plant Botany, Plant Physiology and Biotechnology Dept., University of Debrecen, Hungary


THE GLOBAL agricultural production suffers from many problems and challenges including climate change, natural resources depletion, environmental pollution, soil degradation, etc. Hence, the global security of this vital sector definitely will be threaten including water security, soil security, energy security, food security, etc. Day by day, several attempts already have been conducted in seeking of the humanity for suitable and sustainable solutions to overcome these previous problems. Nanotechnology was and still one of the most important solutions, which will help us to overcome these problems. So, several nanomaterials have been successfully used in many agro-production fields including nanofertilizers, nanopesticides, nanoremediation, nanobiosensors as well as using of nanoparticles in agri-food production. These nanomaterials can help the agro-production to exploit the natural resources in more sustainable manner and to minimize the agro-wastes. Therefore, regulations for more safety in nanomaterials utilization for agro-production should be starting from the handling for seed germination till the handling for postharvest of agricultural products. Several investigations have been proved the importance of nanomaterials in global securities, the agro-production through the nano-agro-chemicals, management of the agro-wastes, etc. Therefore, this review will highlight new insights and novel approaches for using nanomaterials for sustainable agro-productivity. It will also include the impact of nanomaterials on the agro-environement and the enhanced productivity in frame of sustainability.


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