Comparative Study on Rice Germination and Seedling Growth under Salinity and Drought Stresses

Document Type : Original Article


Rice Research & Training Center, 33717, Sakha, Kafrelsheikh, Filed Crops Research Institute, Agricultural Research Center, Egypt.


This investigation was carried out in the lab of Rice Research and Training Center (RRTC), Sakha station, Kafrelsheikh, Filed Crops Research Institute Egypt, during 2017 and 2018 seasons, to study the inheritance of some germination and early seedling traits associated with salinity and drought tolerance. Eight rice genotypes namely; Sakha102, Sakha104, Sakha105, Sakha106, Giza178, A22, IRAT170, and WAB56-125 were evaluated under drought and salinity conditions. Significant genetic variation was found among rice cultivars for seedling vigor under salt and drought stress conditions. Thus, the selection for improved traits among these cultivars would be effective in all traits. The phenotypic coefficient variability (PCV %) was higher than genotypic coefficient variability (GCV %) for the all traits, indicating the existence of wide genetic variability among these genotypes. Under sever salt stress, A22 followed by WAB56-125 were the most tolerant rice genotypes which can be used for cultivation under salt stress conditions. Furthermore, Sakha104 was the best genotype under water deficit for most studied traits followed by IRAT170 and could use to improve the drought tolerance in breeding programs.


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