Management of Greenhouse Cucumber Production under Arid Environments: A Review

Document Type : Review


1 Plant Pathology Research Institute, Agriculture Research Center, Sakha, Kafr El-Sheikh, Egypt

2 Plant Biotechnology Department, Genetic Engineering Division, National Research Center, 33-El-Behouth St., 12622 Dokki, Giza, Egypt

3 Horticulture Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Kafrelshiekh University

4 Soil and Water Dept., Kafrelsheikh Uni.


Greenhouse cucumber production is considered an important tool beside open field production. The production of greenhouse cucumber in developing countries particularly in arid environments might achieve as low cost structures and almost without air conditions. These conditions have increased the constrains of cucumber production to be include more stresses beside salinity, drought and heat stress. These stresses mainly include biotic stress and abiotic stresses, which cause a high loss in the cucumber productivity. Thus, this review is an attempt to highlight the problems of greenhouse cucumber production under abiotic stress (mainly drought and salinity) and different strategies, which should be adapted against these stresses. Several studies have handled the individual stresses, which impact on greenhouse cucumber production but fewer studies have investigated the multiple or combined stresses. Salinity and drought are most common abiotic stresses under changing climate, which mainly cause a trouble in cucumber antioxidant enzyme activity and generate an oxidative stress leading to a loss in cucumber productivity. New strategies should be adapted to ameliorate or mitigate the expected damage resulting from salinity and drought-stressed cucumber.


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