Foliar Application: From Plant Nutrition to Biofortification

Document Type : Review


Soil and Water Dept., Kafrelsheikh Uni.


It is well known that, sustainable agriculture is an important part of sustainable development. This sustainable agriculture should lead to achieve food security and maintain the biodiversity of natural ecosystems. Sustainable agriculture also should have definitely a global perspective. The conservation of both soil and water resources, therefore, is considered an essential prerequisite as well as the efficient use of mineral and organic fertilizers. This could be achieved by improving agro-technology and better understanding of the essential processes in soils. Foliar application of agrochemicals including fertilizers should be improved seeking for the sustainability of agriculture. The present review will focus on the effects of foliar application of nutrients for plant nutrition and its biofortification. Proper timing of foliar application, endo-, exogenous and environmental factors affecting foliar nutrition, influence of mineral fertilizer nutritional quality of staple food crops and finally nano-foliar nutrition as well as postharvest quality of crops will be also highlighted.


Main Subjects