Volume & Issue: Volume 1, Issue 2017, 2017 
The Interactions between Selenium, Nutrients and Heavy Metals in Higher Plants under Abiotic Stresses

Pages 5-31

Eva Domokos-Szabolcsy; Tarek Alshaal; Nevien Elhawat; Neama Abdalla; Andre Reis; Hassan El-Ramady

Biological Control of Onion White Rot Disease Caused by Sclerotium cepivorum

Pages 101-107

Warda A. Hussain; Abdelnaser A. Elzaawely; Nabil I. El Sheery; Abdelwahab A. Ismail; Hassan M. El-Zahaby

Environmental Nanoremediation under Changing Climate

Pages 109-128

Hassan El-Ramady; Tarek Alshaal; Ahmed El-Henawy; Neama Abdalla; Hussein Taha; Mohamed Elmahrouk; Tarek Shalaby; Tamer Abdallah Elsakhawy; Alaa El-Dein Omara; Samia elmarsafawy; Nevien Elhawat; Said Shehata; Dirk Selmar; Eva Domokos-Szabolcsy

Potential Control of Postharvest Gray Mold of Pomegranate Fruits Caused by Botrytis cinerea

Pages 145-156

Samar A. Allam; Gabr A. Elkot; Abdelnaser A. Elzaawely; Hassan M. El-Zahaby

Control of Peanut Root-rot Using Some Chemical Substances

Pages 157-165

Naglaa Fath ELBabe; Abdelnaser A. Elzaawely; Saber M. A. Morsy; Hassan M. El-Zahaby

Optimization of Culture Conditions for Production of Cellulase by Aspergillus tubingensis KY615746 Using Rice Straw Waste

Pages 177-189

sahar El-Nahrawy; M. Metwally; Rizk Y. Abd El-Kodoos; El-Sayed B. Belal; Samia A. Shabana; Ilham M. El-Refai