Volume & Issue: Volume 7, Issue 2023, 2023 
Biofortification of Vegetables under Stress Conditions Using Biological Nano-Selenium: A Mini-Review

Pages 23-35

Hassan El-Ramady; Shaymaa Shedeed; Zakaria Fouad Abdalla; Abd El- Mohsin El-Bassiony; Sameh El-Sawy; Sami Mahmoud; Jozsef Prokisch

Nano-Enabled Agriculture Using Nano-Selenium for Crop Productivity: What Should be Addressed More?

Pages 85-99

Daniella Sári; Aya Ferroudj; Arjun Muthu; Jozsef Prokisch; Hassan El-Ramady; Tamer Abdallah Elsakhawy; Alaa El-Dein Omara; Eric Brevik

Mushroom Cultivation Systems: Exploring Antimicrobial and Prebiotic Benefits

Pages 101-120

Xhensila Llanaj; Gréta Törős; Peter Hajdu; Hassan El-Ramady; Ferenc Peles; Jozsef Prokisch

Impact of fall armyworm Spodoptera frugiperda on maize yield and economic assessment of losses under different insecticidal sequences

Pages 133-140

Ragab Sebaita Kandil; mohsena R.K. mansour; Fatma Mohamed Ahmed Abdelrahem; Noha Abd Elgawad Dabour

Implications of P and Se Interactions on Maize Growth

Pages 141-148

Reham Saad; Ihab M. Farid; Omar Mohamed; mohamed Bassouny

Impacts of P inputs on availability of Fe, Mn, Zn and Se in soils

Pages 179-192

Ihab Farid; Omar El-Hussieny; Reham S El-Shinawy; Hassan Abbas; Mohamed H.H. Abbas; mohamed Bassouny

Response of Some Sugar Beet Varieties to Nitrogen and Zinc Application in Sandy Soil

Pages 205-217

Hitham Elsayed Nemeat Alla; Samar A.M. Helmy; Noran A.M. Bassiony